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Fight me and you will swing your last fight [entries|friends|calendar]

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my solo stuff has arrived [jan 12 2004 @ 11:57pm]
everyone check a few of my new songs. All guitars were done by me and vocals done by me. Jon did screams. Because he rules. the project is called "7 Day Lie"


enjoy everyone

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um shit [jan 06 2004 @ 03:37pm]
ok for real this time...i need a place too stay. all hell broke loose at my crib. somone help me out. please.

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Bah [jan 05 2004 @ 11:40pm]
Im going to Washington DC on thursday up untill i think monday. Im looking forward to it. Should be pretty raaaad. My solo cd is still being recorded. But it is almost done. For those of you that want a copy just leave a comment and mail adress. its free so yeah. If you like incubus and john mayer youll like this. Its way more emotional though.

Me and Mary are doin great. Everyday she just gets even more beautiful. Just hearing her voice in the morning before she goes to school is beautiful. See i dont go to school but i make sure she calls me right before she leaves to go wich is at like 6 somthing AM. Hearing the phone ring is even beautiful because i know whos calling. I love her more and more everyday. And i cant wait to share so much more of my life with her and see the beautiful things that are going to come for us. I love you Mary

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New lj pussys [jan 04 2004 @ 11:04pm]
This is my new lj. If you wanna be added comment. Untill then fuck you.

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